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eBusiness is defined as "interaction with business partners, where the interaction is enabled by information technology". This is an accurate definition, but doesn't give us much insight into the excitement surrounding eBusiness and eCommerce. The Internet has made access to enabling information technology, much more widespread, cheaper, more powerful, and more fully integrated into an enterprise.

eBusiness is changing the way we do business, at every step in the value chain.

eBusiness lowers transaction costs to the point where entire new classes of customers and services are profitable. What is required, however, in implementing eBusiness is an understanding of the potential of new technologies in your market and supply chain and reorienting your business to implement your vision and implementing it quickly enough to minimize competitive threats and fast enough to capitalize on business opportunities.

Today organizations are planning, building and implementing integrated multi-channel eBusiness solutions. The eWorld has created innumerable opportunities for organizations to exploit their core business competencies by transforming their technology infrastructure from business to eBusiness. It is imperative that organizations define the right strategy, adopt a viable business model, and choose wisely among technology options.

We are experts in building eBusiness solutions in such diverse areas as customer contact centers, B2B and B2C sites and enterprise decision support applications. Our eBusiness offerings cover the full gamut from business case formulation to technology implementation. Urbane Soft Technologies comprehensive eBusiness solutions help clients strategize, architect, build and operate their business in the eWorld.

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